CCP to Blame for COVID-19 Pandemic, Peter Navarro Says

Bill Pan
Jan Jekielek

American voters should be made more aware that the global COVID-19 pandemic is the fault of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—a fact that the Democrats are trying to dodge due to their “unspoken alliance” with the regime, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said.

“If you think about the Democrat Party and the Chinese Communist Party, both having the same goal, which is to defeat Donald Trump,” Navarro told The Epoch Times’ “American Though Leaders.” “The tacit collusion comes in the form of the Democrat Party refusing repeatedly to assign any blame to the Chinese Communist Party for this virus.”

According to Navarro, the CCP wants to end Trump’s presidency because Trump is the first U.S. president who “stands up to them” to appear in decades.

“If you look at the history of the Oval Office, no president has ever stood up to China, dating back to the days Nixon and Kissinger mistakenly opened up that communist Frankenstein, which is what Nixon would later call it,” Navarro said, describing Trump as a leader who “has a clear track record on being tough.”

“We’ve got over $325 billion worth of tariffs in place, tough sanctions on Huawei, tough sanctions on the use of slave labor from Xinjiang Province. We revoked any separate treatment for Hong Kong. Freedom of navigation patrols robust in the South China Sea,” he continued. “This is a president that has that took very firm line in the sand with China, and will continue to do so.”

Navarro added that the Democrats, while pursuing their own anti-Trump agenda, have become “useful idiots,” a term communist dictator Vladimir Lenin used to describe unwitting fools within the state who advanced the state’s goals without understanding the far-reaching implications.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters who terrorized Democrat-run cities is an example of those “useful idiots,” according to Navarro. “The world’s watching, and the Chinese Communist Party is just loving every minute of it,” he said. “Because they say: ‘See, democracy leads to chaos; our authoritarian system leads to stability.’”

Navarro said his “one regret” from Trump’s reelection campaign is that they weren’t unable to “punch through the mainstream media” to raise enough awareness among the American people that the pandemic came from the CCP.

“China has killed over 200,000 Americans, the CCP has put tens of millions of Americans out of work, the CCP has cost this country trillions and trillions of dollars,” Navarro said. “The Democrat Party does not want to blame China for any of that, because if they do blame communist China for that, that means the public won’t blame Donald J. Trump. So that’s how they collude.”

“There should be more outrage than there is. This issue should be more relevant at the ballot box,” he said. “But there’s still a few days left and anybody who watches this interview, maybe that'll help a little bit.”