Chris Wallace’s CNN+ Show Moved to CNN After Streaming Service Shuttered

Chris Wallace’s CNN+ Show Moved to CNN After Streaming Service Shuttered
Chris Wallace in Cleveland, Ohio on Sept. 29, 2020. (Olivier Douliery/Pool via AP)
Zachary Stieber

Former Fox News host Chris Wallace will remain with CNN after the shutdown of its streaming service, CNN+, an executive said on May 18.

Wallace’s show, originally designated for CNN+, will air on CNN on Sunday nights, Chris Licht, the newly installed head of CNN, said during the Warner Bros Discovery upfront presentations.

The program can also be streamed on HBO Max, another Warner Bros property.

“Part of the CNN brand is respectful, authentic and impactful interviews and one of the best interviewers in the business is Chris Wallace,” Licht said in a statement. “Chris and his team developed an engaging and compelling program that we’re excited to bring to HBO Max and include in our CNN Sunday evening programming.”

The show, “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” features Wallace interviewing various people, such as former White House press secretary Jen Psaki and actor Ashton Kutcher.

Wallace for years hosted “Fox News Sunday,” a Sunday morning talk show with a similar format.

Wallace said in a statement he’s “never had more fun developing a program” than he has had with the new show, which he described as “a rare show built for streaming that gives newsmakers the opportunity to have candid conversations and an open dialogue about the issues of the day and whatever is on their minds.” He said he was looking forward to audiences watching it.

Wallace will also be an anchor for CNN.

CNN+ shut down just weeks after it started because of struggles garnering subscribers.

“We looked at the data, the number of users—they had spent an enormous amount of money trying to sell an independent product. The subscribers weren’t there, the users weren’t there. We looked at it together—we had a chance to look at all the data—and when we looked at the data, the business wasn’t [there],” David Zaslav, Warner Bros CEO, said during a recent appearance on CNBC.

The program was available for $2.99 a month.

In his first public comments after the shutdown announcement, Wallace said he was “in good shape, whether it’s [at] CNN or someplace else.”

“I’ve been a victim of all of this in the last week,” he added, after expressing concern about the staffers whose jobs were in jeopardy because of the move.

Wallace left Fox in late 2021. He said the move was his decision.

“I want to try something new to go beyond politics, to all the things I’m interested in. I’m ready for a new adventure. And I hope you’ll check it out,” he said at the time.

Soon after, he joined CNN.

Fox has used a number of rotating hosts for “Fox News Sunday” since Wallace left, including anchor Bret Baier, reporter Mike Emanuel, and correspondent Trace Gallagher.

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