Boy, 4, Finds Razor in McDonald’s Happy Meal Box: ‘He Started Waving It Around’

Boy, 4, Finds Razor in McDonald’s Happy Meal Box: ‘He Started Waving It Around’
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Jack Phillips

A Wisconsin boy eating a McDonald’s Happy Meal reportedly discovered a razor blade inside.

Scot Dymond took his 4-year-old son, Emmett, through the fast-food chain’s drive-thru window before they made the discovery, Channel3000 reported.

When they got home, Emmett discovered a hand-held scraping tool with a sharp razor blade attached.

The boy pulled it out of the Happy Meal bag and began to play with it.

“He was super excited he had a new toy,” Dymond told Channel 3000. “He started waving it around and I realized it was actually a razor knife.”

The worried father then called the McDonald’s manager to report the dangerous item.

“The manager said they were sorry, and they could comp us a free meal,” he said to WMTV.

But the angry father said he didn’t want to be compensated, adding, “I want my kid to be safe and everyone else’s kids to be safe.”

“I couldn’t imagine him cutting his arm open, or even losing a finger, because it’s so sharp,” he told Channel3000. ”I was very upset, very angry. I couldn’t figure out how it would’ve even gotten in there.”

Dymond said he then contacted the Columbus Police Department in Wisconsin.

Officers took the scraper tool back to the manager at the McDonald’s, and the manager confirmed the item was used by staff as a cleaning device at the location.

According to WMTV, the scraper is believed to have dropped from a shelf into the Happy Meal bag. Police don’t think it was placed there on purpose.

Police officers asked parents to be vigilant about double-checking any Happy Meal bags given to children.

“Always be aware of what you’re giving your children,” Lt. Dennis Weiner said to WMTV. “Give it an extra eye.”

“(It’s) kinda scary, kinda scary. I understand the blade was also extended when it was found in the box as well,” he also told Channel3000. “I’m sure they were surprised to not have a toy.”

Weiner also described what ills could have befallen the child.

“Injury, choking, a lot of different things could have panned out of this, but fortunately did not,” he said.

Dymond said he likely won’t go back to McDonald’s again.

“McDonald’s is off our list, probably permanently,” he told Channel3000. “I’m hoping corporate and the owner take corrective actions immediately. Retrain their staff and have some kind of safety check in place that every meal is checked, all tools are put in proper spots. There’s no reason for a dangerous tool to be lying next to a food item.”

The local McDonald’s restaurant issued a statement over the matter.

“The safety and security of our customers is a top priority,“ said Dion Conn, the owner and operator of that McDonald’s location, in the statement obtained by the news outlet. ”We are working with local law enforcement to investigate this claim.”

The incident is also being investigated by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protections.

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