Administrator Departs Elite NYC School After Project Veritas Video Shows She Admitted ‘Sneaking’ in Political Agenda

Administrator Departs Elite NYC School After Project Veritas Video Shows She Admitted ‘Sneaking’ in Political Agenda
Jennifer 'Ginn' Norris, then-director of student activities at Trinity School in New York City, speaks with an undercover journalist of Project Veritas in a video dated June 12, 2022. (Screenshot via The Epoch Times)
Mimi Nguyen Ly

An administrator at a private $60,000-a-year New York City school located in the city's Upper West Side is "no longer employed" just under a month after Project Veritas published a video of her admitting to "promoting an agenda" in the classroom.

In a letter to parents on Sept. 21, Trinity School announced that Jennifer “Ginn” Norris is "no longer employed" there.

It is unclear whether her departure was voluntary or if she was fired.

Undercover news organization Project Veritas had on Sept. 1 published footage of Norris talking about how she and other teachers were working together to promote political agendas and left-wing ideology in the classroom.

At the time, Norris was Trinity School's director of student activities.

“There’s always groups of teachers who want to do these [activist] things but the administration just wouldn’t let us,” Norris is seen in a video dated June 12, 2022 telling an undercover journalist. “So, we’ve been just sneaking things in [through] the cracks.”

She was also captured on video complaining about "white boys" who don't align with her worldview.

"Unfortunately, it’s the white boys who feel very entitled to express their opposite opinions and just push back. There’s a huge contingent of them that are just horrible," she told the undercover journalist.

"We need to find some, like, Dexter, sort of like a vigilante, taking people out. You know the show 'Dexter?' ... We just need some vigilante Dexters. Like, 'Here’s your community of targets,'" she also said.

Norris had been placed on paid leave on Sept. 2 following publication of the Project Veritas video.

John Allman, the head of Trinity School, and David Perez, the president of the Board of Trustees, told parents in the Sept. 21 letter that the school has "retained independent counsel to investigate the matter" and that the probe into comments made by Norris is underway.

"Our principles are clear: bias of any kind or the threat of violence toward any person or group has no place at Trinity School," Allman and Perez said in their letter to parents.

"Our role as educators and as a school is to nurture children as they become responsible citizens. We abhor discrimination of any kind and believe strongly that a diverse, inclusive community is vital to providing the kind of education to which we aspire."

Bill Pan contributed to this report.