4 Women Arrested After Huge Brawl in Louisiana Walmart

4 Women Arrested After Huge Brawl in Louisiana Walmart
(L-R)Seanice Warren, Alexis Neal, Majara Walker, and Morgan Walker. They were arrested in connection to the Walmart fight in Slidell, La. (Slidell Police Department)
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Four women were arrested during a large brawl inside a Walmart in Louisiana on Saturday, Dec. 23, said police.

The fight took place at 1 p.m., and police said they got several calls about a large fight in the produce section. There were reports that some of those involved in the brawl were using pepper spray, Fox8 reported.

More than 10 people were involved in the fight. Two of the people involved were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police charged 19-year-old Alexis Neal of Slidell, 38-year-old Majara Walker of Slidell, 17-year-old Seanice Warren of St. Louis, and 22-year-old Morgan Walker of Slidell in the incident.

Police said that the fight stemmed from a previous disagreement between two families.

Robert Bodin of Slidell posted the brawl on Facebook. “Just another day at Wal-Mart,” he wrote, according to The Advocate.
“This type of behavior is disgusting and unacceptable,” Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal said in a news release.

“This does not portray the character of the majority of our citizens here in Slidell. These women should be ashamed of themselves for doing this in the middle of one of the busiest retail stores in our city. Let this be a clear message that this will not be tolerated.”

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