US Sergeant in Afghanistan Appeals to Social Media to Help Find His Stolen Truck in Colorado

July 19, 2017 Updated: July 19, 2017

An army sergeant currently deployed in Afghanistan had his cherished pickup truck stolen back at his home in Colorado.

Sgt. 1st Class, James Neily from the Army National Guard found out the news early Tuesday morning after his wife called him on Facetime explaining what had happened. The Ford F250 blue and gray colored truck was parked in Avada at his parents home when it was stolen, FOX 31 reports.

James Neily took to Facebook to seek help from the community. In a Facebook post he wrote on July 18 with a matching photo of the truck, Neily pleaded with the public to ‘please help me find it.’

The Facebook post reads: “STOLEN! My truck was stolen in Arvada last night. F250 blue and gray with blue Colorado honorably discharged plates 602NWN. Its lifted with 33″ tires. A piece of the Bug guard is broken off on drivers side of hood and has large front light bar on the bumper. I am currently deployed and someone thought they needed it more than me. I disagree so please help me find it. Thanks.” 

So far, the post is rapidly spreading as the community rallies behind the overseas sergeant. 

The sergeant’s wife, Kayleigh, said the theft made her “really mad.”

“It does make me mad. I was really mad,” Neily’s wife Kayleigh told FOX 31. “I had to calm down about it because I can’t do anything about it right now.”

She said her son loved playing in the truck.

“It’s our family truck. [My son] loves the truck. He was [just] playing in it,” she added.

Kayleigh Neily told Fox 31 she received support from the community and hoped to find the stolen truck by Halloween, the day when her husband is set to return from Afghanistan. 

Sergeant Neily has been serving in Afghanistan since December. 

From NTD Television