Updating the Look of Your Home on a Small Budget

April 27, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

With spring cleaning (hopefully) done, maybe it’s time for a new look? If you’ve put off updating your living area because of what home improvement projects can cost, you might be surprised at what you can do with a limited budget. Here are just a few things that are affordable, but can still have a huge impact.

Spruce up the Mantle

One of the loveliest ways of warming any room is using a fireplace. However, most of them are obstructed by hideous mantles over 30 years old. Update the living room easily and fast with new, fresh fireplace that is not only up to date and safe, but contemporary.

If you have a brick fireplace that doesn’t need upgrading, you can simply spruce it up with some painting. One of the common painting kits is Brick-Anew with the directions and guidelines you need to repaint the fireplace without hiring a professional painter, saving you a lot of money. No harsh chemicals or fumes to worry about, either. Even if your fireplace is not made of natural bricks and you would like it to have an authentic appearance, a Brick A New fireplace gives you that. It allows you to change the color of the bricks in terms of feel, look and texture – all without an enormous remodeling bill to pay.

Change the Focal Point with a Mirror

You can also change the mantel décor by finding another effective focal point, in this case a mirror. With a mirror over your mantel, you can reflect light and add some depth. Mirrors are neutral and thus contrast sharply with prints or paintings. Those with decorative frames instantly become great pieces of art. In turn, the visual appeal and reflection will give the living area something fresh and profound. While choosing the right mirror, know your mantel length and the size of your living space plus the ceiling height. High ceiling rooms are best spruced up with a tall mirror over the mantel to give an effect of extra space.

If the room is small, find mirrors with simple frames or those with beveled edge. You can find framed mirrors in plenty of distinct styles from plain, antique, simple black to traditional gold. The mirror should reflect something gorgeous in your living space or outside the window. A candle and other setting accessories in front of a mirror reflect light, giving a beautiful and cozy atmosphere. Before you decide on the mirror to buy, stand back and take a good look around, especially at the fireplace. Visit HGTV for more tips on decorating with mirrors.

Add Some Color

If you have a neutral room, adding some color gives it that instant lift it deserves. Start by picking a color from around the living space. Every home has some hint of hue, such as the curtains or the fireplace, and you can begin to repeat the same color around the living room.

A sofa with lots of cushions packed on it gives a living room that cozy feel it ought to have. Accessories should not be forgotten; add those with the color of your choice, such as glassware and green ceramics for the perfect appearance.

New Window Frames

Perhaps you can’t afford to install expensive new windows. However, you can spruce up the frames and get away with a whole lot more. Add a painted trim carefully around the windows to brighten up the living space immediately. The blinds and curtains can also be updated to replenish and modernize the living space rapidly and inexpensively.

Dapper up the Lighting

If your living space is dingy and dark, the light fixtures should be updated. Lighting has a way of modernizing, brightening and highlighting all the right places in a room. You will find all kinds of light fixtures to use such as ceiling lamps, wall lamps, the wall scone and even the evening lighting enhanced by a dimmer switch to add some ambiance and efficient night lighting.

Tabletop Fountain

If you have noticed, lots of homes, offices and workplaces now have wonderful water features that enhance and add a gentle ambiance. Waterfall desktop fountains add a flowing water concept and are wonderful for homes where calmness and tranquility are appreciated or required. Artful pieces such as copper tabletop fountains are good additions for any living space and are easy fits for any décor.