Upcoming Election to Set Australia’s Political Landscape for a Generation

We have reached a pivotal moment in history
April 28, 2019 Updated: April 28, 2019

Graeme Wishart

The forthcoming Australian Federal Government election on 18th May 2019 represents a pivotal moment in the nation’s cultural and political history. The outcome will establish the political landscape for a generation or more and may turn out to be a reflection of the Whitlam 1972 Labor election which began a chain of political events whose fruits we are still suffering today.

Both major political parties have failed their constituencies, Liberals have neglected what Liberal Party founder, Robert Menzies called The Forgotten People, while Labor continues to ignore its traditional working class base.

In the words of the late Kim Beazley Snr, Labor has gone from leadership by the cream of the working class to leadership by the dregs of the middle class. Liberals have sold their soul to the international globalists, bankers, financiers and the anti-western United Nations organisation.

Australia, the Great South Land, continues being led by inept politicians. A country blessed by an abundance of natural resources is beset by hinderances to development of its own making. Compared to other nations Australia with its natural advantages should be the region’s shining star, indeed Australia has previously been a world leader in wealth creation and political stability.

The Council for the National Interest has actively participated as a lobby group and policy development promoter since its establishment in 1985 by B.A. “Bob” Santamaria, a man of intellect and a key player in the defeat of communist union influence in post-World War II decades. The CNI has pressed for principled political leadership and promoted policies in nation-forming areas of immigration, defence, foreign affairs, industrial development and finance.

Australia now stands at a crossroad since the coming election has the potential to set us back by further boosting the central government’s tax take. Backing of both major parties has been dwindling because of the rise of a range of minor parties.

Liberals in coalition with the Nationals have ignored their traditional conservative supporters while Labor has opted to become a servant of the left-oriented Green Party as well as a George Soros “ginger group” called GetUp that has mobilised activists to work in marginal coalition seats.

It is the minor parties that collectively attract the votes of about one third of the national electorate who will determine the final outcome.

The major conservative-oriented minors, One Nation, the United Australia Party, the Australian Conservative Party and the Australian Christians are yet to indicate how they’ll direct their supporters to vote.

Do these parties have the capacity to use this election as a watershed moment to reset the cultural and political horizon which each so desires?

With a political elite and a biased, compromised mainstream media driving a change to a Labor/Green government in waiting, it is almost inevitable the nation will decline in political stability and cultural identity. Globalist foreign forces are also at play with funding of organisations working to undermine avenues of support for a return to Australian values and maintenance of our cultural identity. Will the electorate arise from its stupor for a momentary pause, evaluate the handouts, then vote blindly on feel-good benefits before returning to the daily grind of survival?

Australia is a nation built upon its Christian-based common law heritage without which the nation will never continue to become the Great South Land.

It is instead experiencing a downward spiral as the nation adopts morally bankrupt policies that undermine Australian longstanding culture and its values.

Australia for more than two centuries has boasted an Anglo-Celtic European culture with a political dynamic of immigration based upon culturally compatible people backed by a policy of integration and assimilation.

Today the country is being assailed by globalist driven multiculturalism with the inevitable tribalistic division becoming increasingly more evident over the past quarter century.

Integration and assimilation are now considered to be concepts of division and are opposed by non-compatible cultures and supporters of borderless nations.

The election will determine how fractured the nation will continue becoming with an immigration policy either of division, or of cultural restoration. Powerful international globalist forces are working against Australians to prevent the growth of a sovereign nation with secure borders and the preservation of a distinctly Australian heritage.

Families are the cornerstone of Australia’s western civilised society who have been neglected in the headlong rush to accommodate ardent feminism and the growing impact of cultural Marxist campaigns. Instead, power elites blindly ignore the lessons of history, as recent as the Soviet Union of 1917-91, by adopting policies that serve to undermine the family.

Encouraging married mothers into the workforce, high divorce rates, rising rates of male suicide, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, state-funded child care that lean against stay-at-home mothers, biased child care subsidies favouring working mothers, biased taxation rates and concessions over single income families are all symptomatic of a dis-functional society.

An additional contribution to family disfunction is the seemingly lawless Family Court system under which easy divorce prevails, but is itself immune to overhaul and review.

Also disconcerting is the growing impact of endless claims that the world’s climate is warming due to production of carbon dioxide, a free plant nutrient, emanating from coal fired electricity generation.

The cost of electricity has consequently risen dramatically with an adverse impact upon business and industry production costs. Massive public outlays are now directed from state and national budgets to subside costly and unreliable solar and wind generated electricity.

Australia has thus moved from a low cost stable energy economy to one that now has high cost unstable electricity supplies due largely to pressure from Labor’s leadership and the Greens.

Climate science, once based upon facts, has been supplanted by reliance on suspect climate modelling that predicts Armageddon.

Neither of the major political parties dare to speak out against the deteriorating investment environment caused by the headlong rush into solar and wind generated unreliable electricity.

Moves to drought proof the nation’s agricultural sectors have been thwarted due to fake claims of global Armageddon. Dam construction has become a thing of the past.

Neither of the major parties’ possible leaderships seem to want to stimulate activity in new technological industries, new manufacturing opportunities, improved agricultural production, or improved means of transport and communications.

An example of political manipulation of the major parties is seen in the outcome of last year’s Royal Commission into the banking sector.

Its terms of reference were determined by the banks and they excluded the regulatory authority, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), from the investigations and restricted recommendations that could be made by the Commissioner. Manipulation of the political process by the financial industry is not healthy for our long-term prosperity. Australia continues to lack a national Development Bank.

The Great South Land needs strong, visionary leadership which will provide opportunities for all Australians to create wealth, health and security for their families. Will the electorate rise to the occasion and judge the parties on their policies for wealth creation and prosperity growth?

Graeme Wishart is the chairman of the Council for the National Interest Western Australia

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.