Unique Gift Card Options for the Holidays

December 19, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

It’s that time of year when the weather is chillier, holiday lights are lit and you are shopping like crazy for gifts for your loved ones. Do you feel like there are people on your list that you have no idea what to get for them? Maybe you have someone on your list that you’ve run out of ideas for because they seem to have everything or you’ve been getting Dad a new tie every year and it’s time to try something new. You may have someone on your list that you don’t know well and it’s made it even harder to come up with a gift you know they’ll like. Why not try something new this year and get a unique gift card?

Skip the clothing store gift cards or Visa gift cards, which are essentially just cash on a card, and try something they’ve never received before. Here are some unique gift card options for the holidays that will wow your loved one while showing them you put a lot of thought into their gift. Just be sure you’re buying legit gift cards.

Service Gift Cards

While at one time it seemed you could only use gift cards on apparel or restaurants, many places offer gift cards now. One gift card that almost anyone would love is a spa gift card. They can choose the service they want from massages to nail services, facials to beauty services and get totally pampered for your gift to them. Other cards many people would love are carwash cards, oil changes cards and even pet daycare services.

Housecleaning Gift Cards

Everybody has to clean their home and most people find it to be redundant, time-consuming and it never ends. Did you know you can get housecleaning gift cards? Your loved one will get free housecleaning which is basically giving them the gift of time and tranquility. They get to enjoy a beautiful, shining, fresh-smelling home without any of the work or time put into it. Purchase any amount you want that will cover one or more visits from a maid service.

Events & Tickets

Maybe the person you’re shopping for loves sports. Consider buying tickets to an event you know they’d love to see. Sporting events, concerts or even movie tickets are great ways to show someone that you put thought into a gift because you want them to have a great experience. Money spent on an experience over things can be more memorable and enjoyable. If you aren’t sure what they’d like, look at sites like Stub Hub, where the recipient can choose what event it’s used for. Fandango is a great choice for movie gift cards and you could even pair it with a restaurant gift certificate for a great date night package.


If you want to spend a bit more, why not buy an airline gift card? Your recipient can use the card to purchase an airline ticket for that vacation they’ve wanted to go on. You could even look into gift cards for sites that offer airline and hotel tickets in one spot. It might be that extra buffer they needed to book the vacation they’ve been dreaming of once and for all.

Club of the Month

Does your recipient love a good wine or beer? Check out wine.com or beermonthclub.com to score a truly enjoyable gift. This is perfect if you don’t know what is their favorite wine or beer because your loved one will get to handpick the bottle or 6-pack that comes to their door. You could even bundle the gift with nice coasters. Another type of club they might like is a TV subscription to Hulu or Netflix or a gym membership. You can find lots of club of the month last minute gifts here.

Your Christmas gifts can be more special than cash inside a card. Consider giving a unique gift card to your loved ones this holiday season.