‘Unidentified Creatures Living on Woman’s Fingers’ Video Simply a Facebook Scam

A Facebook post that claims to have a video of “unidentified creatures” living on a woman’s fingers is fake.

The post, which has a crude Photoshopped image, merely is trying to trick users into going to a website that promotes bogus surveys.

There is no video that claims to have “unidentified creatures.”

When one clicks on the post, they will be asked to share it first before going further. After that, the page will display surveys.

The surveys are how the scammers behind the website make their money.

“The scammers or cybercriminals behind this scam will change the website names and images, so watch out for similar scams with different website names and images,” reads a post from Online Threat Alerts about the scam. “Once on the website, the victim will be asked to complete surveys or share the same website before he/she can view the video.”

If one has shared the post, it’s recommended to delete it from your Facebook wall and “un-like” it to prevent spreading it more.

“If you are asked to share, ‘like’, complete surveys in order to view a video, picture or other content, is the first sign that you are being tricked or scammed. You do not need to do any of these things in order to view any content on Facebook and the rest of the internet,” Online Threat Alerts cautions.

Recent scams that have been shared include one about Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade getting hit by LeBron James, a scam involving singer Rihanna and rapper Drake, and another about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage. They also claim to have videos and just promote bogus surveys.