UK Woman Who Thought She Was Pregnant Actually Had Huge Tumor

March 1, 2016 Updated: December 11, 2017

Louise Bryant, a 25-year-old woman from the U.K., said that her stomach got swollen and sore, but she insisted to doctors when she got a checkup that she wasn’t pregnant.

It took seven pregnancy tests for them to figure out what it really was: a basketball-sized tumor.

“It was a really worrying time and I Googled my symptoms, which made me fear the worse as I read about ovarian cancer,” she was quoted by The Mirror as saying.

The tumor was located in her ovaries. She started experiencing abdominal bleeding in March 2014 and took a pregnancy test that came back negative.

After several more pregnancy tests, doctors insisted there was “something in there.” But Bryant, a police operator in Kent, said that she wasn’t pregnant. Later, they discovered a “cyst.”

Doctors at Maidstone Hospital in Kent successfully removed the tumor along with her right ovary and fallopian tube in a 4-hour-long operation, according to the newspaper.

She explained in full: “There was something in my stomach all along, but it certainly wasn’t a baby it was a tumour the size of a small football.

“The tumour was pressing on my lungs and causing me to have difficulty breathing.

“When I look back, all the symptoms I had are typical of ovarian cancer and I’m glad I was persistent and kept going back to doctors for answers.

“I was 110 per cent positive that I was not pregnant, but I was repeatedly asked to do more tests.

“That said, the type of ovarian cancer I had is very rare and only about 60 women in the UK are diagnosed with it a year, so very little is known about it and that’s presumably why it took longer for the diagnosis.”

Bryant said she had a great deal of pain.



“If I turned over in bed or got out of the car, I would suddenly feel this shooting pain in my stomach,” she told the paper. “It was so bad that sometimes I couldn’t stand up.”

“I then started to experience abnormal bleeding between my periods, and my husband Ben encouraged me to go to the doctor.”

After a second scan on the tumor, the true size of the tumor was revealed.

“The second scan changed everything,” she told MailOnline.

“The doctor told me it was actually a tumor and it was much larger, so they needed to operate. They said it was 15-20cm – the size of a football,” she added.

“In the scans you could see it was taking up my whole stomach and pressing against my organs, which was causing me pain,” she noted.

Bryant is now looking to start a family of her own after the ordeal with her husband.

“Hopefully the next pregnancy test I do will be a positive one,” she said.