UK Police Drop Criminal Case Into Government’s Handling of COVID, Then Claim Probe Never Happened

March 24, 2022 Updated: March 25, 2022


On Dec. 20, 2021, Dr. Sam White and his legal team that included former Police Officer Mark Sexton, presented serious allegations to the Metropolitan Police Force (the Met) concerning the UK Government’s handling of the Coronavirus “pandemic” and the lockdowns.”

The assertions included claims of corporate manslaughter, gross negligence causing injury and death, and serious misconduct in public office.

When the seven-hour meeting concluded at the Hammersmith Police station, a criminal reference number (CRN) was issued. That appeared to be a major breakthrough in White’s campaign to stop the vaccination program and hold those responsible to account.

Here’s a summary of the allegations made via PJH Law Solicitors:

  1. Scientists in the UK were complicit in the creation of a gain-of-function spike protein within the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Wuhan, China, which breaches international conventions on bioweapons.
  2. The government proceeded without evidence of a SARS-CoV-2 virus being isolated.
  3. It mandated possibly dangerous and/or inaccurate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and lateral flow tests (LFT), mostly from China to help identify SARS-CoV-2.
  4. It denied the human right to decline a medical intervention without penalty.
  5. It unlawfully forced care home workers to have the COVID jab.
  6. It presented data that inflated the material risk posed by SARS-CoV-2.
  7. It mandated the use of lockdowns, which caused harm, material loss, and death.
  8. It suppressed safe, effective therapeutics such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and zinc.
  9. It misused clinical pathways such as remdesivir and midazolam.
  10. It abused government communications.
  11. It abused its statutory powers by silencing doctors from speaking out about risks to
  12. It authorized the use of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines despite known risks.
  13. It failed to investigate a former cabinet minister after allegations that he borrowed 500,000 pounds from a Russian investment bank to buy Moderna shares in 2019.

The evidence that PJH Law supplied to the Met alleged that the same group of people who created the problem: the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which contained a harmful spike protein, also funded the solution: the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, which contained the same harmful spike protein.

PJH Law also claimed the same group of people funded research to eliminate safe and effective alternatives that might have prevented emergency-use authorization of the SARS-CoV-2 injections.

Witnesses who agreed to give supporting evidence to the police included Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, professor Sucharit Bhakdi, and more than 40 other eminent academics, scientists, and clinicians.

PJH Law claims that police officers informed Sexton that this was one of the biggest crimes recorded and because it was so big, they believed that outside agencies would be brought in for some of the investigative work.

But then, on Feb. 21, 2022, the Met informed White’s lawyers that no further action would be taken.

“In recent months, the existence of a crime reference number in relation to these allegations has been widely misrepresented as evidence of a criminal investigation, or of findings of wrongdoing,” a Met spokesperson told Reuters.

While PJH Law acknowledges that individuals remain innocent until proven guilty, to deny that a criminal investigation had taken place seems an untenable position to hold.

If there was no criminal probe, then why was a detective chief inspector assigned and numerous subsequent meetings held on police property? Why also was PJH Law given a secure link to submit hundreds of pages of evidence?

That included witness statements from experts, whistleblowers, and eyewitnesses, among them doctors, workers suffering a psychiatric injury because of pressure to have a COVID jab, as well as documents, videos, and an independent laboratory analysis showing the presence of graphene, graphene oxide, and carbon in vials of SARS-CoV-2 injections.

What is true, however, is that during that two-month period, detectives never contacted or interviewed one single witness. Maybe, a more accurate statement would be, “has been widely misrepresented as evidence of a competent criminal investigation.”

Here’s a timeline of the investigation the Met now claims never happened:

Dec. 20, 2021—PJH Law visits the Hammersmith Police station; the police are satisfied that crimes have been committed and issue a crime reference number (CRN).

Dec. 24, 2021—PJH Law is given a link to a secure Metropolitan Police document upload facility (DUF).

Jan. 5—Former officer Sexton visits Hammersmith Police station and informs them of references that PJH Law made to the International Criminal Court (ICC). A further 21 offenses are identified and recorded, and 1,100 pages of evidence are also accepted by the detectives. Officers tell him investigations are ongoing and that, since this is one of the biggest crimes recorded, outside agencies will be considered for some of the investigative work.

Jan. 13—Sexton visits the Hammersmith Police station and presents 115 witness statements. He’s informed that a detective chief inspector will be leading the investigation.

Jan. 25—PJH Law writes to then-Met Commissioner Cressida Dick, requesting that an adequate number of police be assigned to the case, and that those at senior levels with any conflicts of interest won’t be granted access to the case files or put in decision-making roles.

Jan. 27—PJH Law visits the Hammersmith Police station, accompanied by a journalist, to present evidence of the suppression of hydroxychloroquine and zinc as alternative COVID-19 cures.

Jan. 28—PJH Law submits a lengthy complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) against the Met, Warwickshire Police, and West Midlands Police.

Feb. 4—The IOPC forwards the complaint to the three forces, giving them 15 working days—until 28 Feb. 28—to respond.

Feb. 7—PJH Law solicitors write to Hammersmith CID, stating that sufficient evidence exists to arrest a very senior Met officer for serious misconduct in public office.

Feb. 10—Philip Hyland of PJH Law receives a call from the Met in connection with correspondence received from the IOPC, asking what outcome he wants.

Feb. 12—PJH Law visits Hammersmith Police station and explains that a lab analysis of several SARS-CoV-2 injection vials shows the presence of graphene, graphene oxide, and carbon. These aren’t listed as ingredients of any SARS-CoV-2 injection and are not authorized by any regulator. The police officer who attends confirms that an investigation into that is already ongoing and over 70 pages of case notes by detectives are on file. PJH Law informs him that Japan suspended the use of Moderna’s SARS-CoV-2 injection following a similar analysis.

Feb. 22—All PJH Law complainants receive a letter dated Feb. 21 from a detective Superintendent stating that the criminal investigation is over.

March 21—Mark Sexton makes a criminal complaint of Perverting the Course of Justice against Assistant Deputy Commissioner Jane Connors and Detective Superintendent Tor Garnet both of the Metropolitan police.

In reporting serious allegations about COVID vaccines to the Metropolitan Police, and to other police forces, PJH Law faced a huge problem of systemic bias. That’s because police policy has been to encourage its officers to enforce the COVID measures and get vaccinated with the SARS- CoV-2 injections, making them potentially accomplices in what PJH Law was alleging to be a criminal act.

Dr. White’s team also was attempting the gargantuan task of persuading a police force to take up an investigation into government policies.

While police often have to balance their dual roles of enforcing the law and keeping the peace, in this case, it seems the Met and other law enforcement in the UK have chosen to keep the peace with their political masters.

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Andrew Davies is a UK-based video producer and writer. His award-winning video on underage sex abuse helped Barnardos children’s charity change UK law, while his documentary “Batons, Bows and Bruises: A History of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,” ran for six years on the Sky Arts Channel.