UK Military Posts Photos of Camouflaged Snipers, Confusing Many

February 22, 2019 Updated: February 22, 2019

The UK’s Household Cavalry tweeted a photo with six hidden soldiers so well camouflaged that they “will test your powers of observation,” the cavalry promised.

The puzzle apparently proved too hard, so they put out another photo later in the day with the locations of the six riflemen partially revealed.

They asked people to write in the comment section how many they found.

“If I find one it’d be a miracle!” wrote one Twitter user.

“No!!!” wrote another.

“If you can see them, they all failed in their mission …” another wrote.

The pictures were taken in the summer on Salisbury Plain, one of Britain’s best-known open spaces.

(Household Cavalry/Twitter)
(Household Cavalry/Twitter)
(Household Cavalry/Twitter)

This isn’t the first time the British military has put out photos like this. Check out these two photos that were taken last July in Brunei that the Army in London posted to its Facebook account in February.

The Household Cavalry during their jungle training in Brunei in July 2016. (The Army in London – HQ London District/Facebook)
The Household Cavalry during their jungle training in Brunei in July 2016. (The Army in London/HQ London District/Facebook)

They’re pretty good at hiding themselves, right?

Here are a few more of their behind-the-scenes camouflage pictures:

A member of the Grenadier Guards armed with an SA-80 taking part in Exercise Noble Jump 17, a logistical challenge that tests the ability of participants to deliver a fighting force to wherever it is needed. (UK Ministry of Defence)

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the Irish Guards conducting a live firing exercise in the Belize Jungle. (UK Ministry of Defence)
A member of the Royal Regiment of Artillery during a two-week exercise in the UK. (UK Ministry of Defence)
British Army snipers and their spotters conducting live firing on the Salisbury Plain. (UK Ministry of Defence)

By Epoch Times’ Holly Kellum.