UFO Sightings: Video Shows Saucer-Shaped Object Over Forest in Columbia

December 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A resident in Medellin, Colombia, appears to have captured an object in the sky over a forest.

The video was uploaded on YouTube a few days ago but the footage was originally shot on Nov. 16.

The shaky video goes in an out of focus and shows what looks like a “classic” flying saucer in the sky. However, it’s hard to make out due to the clouds.

“The footage shows a saucer-shaped UFO seen in several locations in South America. The UFO is similar to the saucer-shaped UFO filmed in South Wales, UK on November 30, 2014,” says UFO Sightings Hotspot. “It is remarkable that the video of the UFO filmed in South Wales is not longer available and the uploader has closed his account.”

The blog captured a screenshot of the UK sighting, showing another saucer-looking object.

In February 2014, a video was uploaded to YouTube–this time at night–that purports to show a “UFO” over Medellin. However, one user said it’s not a UFO but “a balloon similar to Chinese ones, candles heat the air to make it float and they also look nice.”

But in the past year, a few other alleged UFOs were spotted over Medellin, as UFO Sightings Daily notes.

One of the objects “flies near the Atanasio Girardot stadium, hours before the final match between the national junior and then was national champion. MIRACLE making a goal in the last minute,” the blog said earlier this year.