UFO Sightings: ‘Alien Skull’ Found on Mars, Blog Claims

November 19, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Amid the ongoing speculation about life or “alien” structures found on Mars, one UFO blog is claiming to have found an “alien skull” on the Red Planet.

UFO Sightings Daily posted images–some of which are digitally altered–of the so-called skull.

It was taken from a NASA photo captured by the Mars Spirit rover at the Gusev Crater.

It seems more likely that it’s just a rock that somewhat looks like a skull. But the blog then digitally added “teeth and [a] lower nostril bone.”

“Right away this object in the photo just grabs you. An alien skull with the jaw bone missing or buried below it,” the blog said on Wednesday. “You can make out the nasal cavity and the two eye sockets without any trouble. You can even make out the ridge above the eye sockets.”

“Its hard to believe that the rover just passes on by without a second look, but hey, they are not there to discover life, but actually there to distract humanity and show an effort. This way…satisfying human curiosity. Are you…satisfied? I’m not.”

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The object is halfway buried in the Martian soil. The photo also doesn’t show the other side.

The image has been around since at least 2010. A YouTube user uploaded the same image and later on in a video, adding their own digital features to make it look like a skull to compare.

But some users were skeptical.

“The human mind is a curious thing, after hundreds of thousands of years of developing in groups, the first thing even subconsiously, is facial recognition (sic),” wrote one person. “If you allow your mind to wander its possible to see faces in everything. I can clearly make out a racoons head also (sic).”