Ubuntu One Shut Down; Here Are Some Alternatives

April 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Ubuntu One has been shut down and people are seeking alternatives.

The service is not shut down immediately–Canonical announced that the service will go offline as of June 1.

The data on it will still be accessible until the end of July.

“The free storage wars aren’t a sustainable place for us to be, particularly with other services now regularly offering 25GB-50GB free storage. If we offer a service, we want it to compete on a global scale, and for Ubuntu One to continue to do that would require more investment than we are willing to make,” said Canonical CEO Jane Silber in a statement.

“We choose instead to invest in making the absolute best, open platform and to highlight the best of our partners’ services and content.”

“As always, your content belongs to you. You can simply download your files onto your PC or an external hard drive,” Canonical said.

Unused portions of annual subscriptions will be refunded.

Techshout has listed six alternatives for the service.

They include Dropbox, one of the most popular companies in the cloud hosting business with which you get 2GB of storage with a free account (and an additional 500MB with every referral); Copy, a site similar to Ubuntu One that offers 15 GB of free storage and also has various paid subscriptions; and SpiderOak, which says that it is the most secure alternative.

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