Lady Stoneheart: Does She Appear? Tywin Lannister, Shae, The Hound: Who Dies in Game of Thrones?

The Game of Thrones finale ended on Sunday, and a few characters died.




Tywin Lannister was shot and killed by his son Tyrion while he was sitting on the toilet. He shot him with Joffrey’s crossbow.

Tywin apparently was sleeping with Shae, who Tyrion killed after he saw her in Tywin’s chambers.

Tywin says that “you’re my son” and tries to talk his way out of it. “I am your son and you sentenced me to die,” Tyrion said.

“Are you afraid of a dead whore,” Tywin says to Tyrion in trying to plead him to come back to his chambers, before Tyrion shoots his father several times. Varys sees the incident before sending him off.

On Twitter, a number of users made jokes about the scene.

“Happy Father’s Day Tywin!!!!! #GameOfThrones,” one person wrote.

Added another, “Tyrion Lannister killing Tywin Lannister on Father’s Day. Ooo the irony.”

“Not exactly the Father’s Day gift that Tywin was expecting I’m guessing,” added another.

“Tywin Lannister pulled an Elvis tonight,” another added.


Earlier in the show, Lady Brienne and Podric then meet Arya and The Hound. The situation escalates quickly after Brienne figures out who they are, fighting The Hound to try and take Arya back. The fight scene is notably brutal.

The Hound is punched by Brienne, and he falls down a hill and is in grave shape. Arya escapes.

“Killed by a woman,” The Hound says. “Go on girl, another name off your list,” he says, urging Arya to kill him while goading her on. Arya just looks blankly and coldly at him before walking off–but not with Brienne.

The Hound then apparently dies of his injuries.

A number of Twitter users remarked about the scene as well.

“I did like what they did with Arya..she deserved more attention than what she got all season #GoTFinale,” said one.

Said another, “That scene between Arya and the Hound got to me #emotional #GoTFinale.”

“They could’ve had a dope cliffhanger but nooo … Arya on a ship,” said another.

A few other Twitter users complained the episode didn’t show “Lady Stoneheart,” who is mentioned in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books.


“Game of Thrones” Season 5 will premiere next April.