Tyrant Season 2 Renewal? Will the FX Show be Renewed or Canceled After Finale?

Tyrant wraps up season 1 on Tuesday night and fans are wondering whether it will get renewed for another season.

The network hasn’t made an official announcement as of yet.

But the ratings are solid enough to warrant another season, or at least make real the possibility of season 2.

After a premiere that saw 2.1 million viewers and 0.6 million in the 19-48 key demographic, the next episode dropped to 1.4 and 0.5

But the latter figure in particular held at 0.5 or 0.6 million throughout the season, and the overall viewers bounced back up to about a 1.5 million average per episode.

The show dealt with some difficulty because it had to shift locations out of Israel due to the ongoing conflict there.

Production moved to Turkey to portray the Middle Eastern show.

“Fortunately, our Israeli producer is a commercial producer who had a production company, an office in Turkey, so we had a crew,” executive producer told Assignment X.

“It was a bit of a turnkey thing–we raced over there, we changed locations, we just did this guerrilla scout, really fast–we’re there now, actually, completing the rest of the season, and the fact that we’re doing it is actually a miracle.”

Gordon was asked if, if there is a second season, production will remain in Turkey.

“Strangely enough, a lot of this is economic, a lot of this is practical,” he said. “In Turkey, this would be a test case of, is that on the table, if Turkey works out well? What does it look like, would it be nice to expand the palette of the show–maybe it’s a hybrid between the two.”

Whether a renewal or cancellation, a decision should be coming soon.

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