Two Teenagers Perform Incredibly Kind Act for a Lost Little Girl

March 15, 2018 Updated: March 15, 2018

Two teenagers in the United Kingdom are being lauded for what they did when they stumbled upon a lost little girl.

The teenagers, both students at Llanishen High School in Cardiff, came upon the girl in St. David’s Centre on Friday, March 9.

The girl was sick and visibly distressed.

The teens took the girl to a nearby shop and bought her some warm clothes after she got sick on the clothes she was wearing.

Olivia and Jess knew something was amiss the moment they spotted the girl.

“We walked up to her and asked if she was alright and then she started crying,” Olivia told Wales Online.  “She kind of walked off a bit but we couldn’t leave her on her own. We walked her into the Body Shop and told a staff member what happened.”

Shopping center security staffers were able to track down the girl’s father.

“We just thought this is what you should do. We both have younger siblings and if someone found one of our younger brothers or sisters we wouldn’t want them to be left there. It was just the right thing to do,” Jess said.

The girls’ parents, staffers at the center, and executives are among those praising them for their actions.

“The actions of these two young people are a shining example of the community we operate in. We have invited the pair back to the center to enjoy a gift card on us by way of thanking them for showing such kindness,” said center general manager Steven Madeley.

Added a Facebook user, “All of my daughters would do the same … teenagers are not the moronic layabouts they get labeled with… It was teen girls who came to the aid of my elderly mum when she fell and broke her arm. Adults just walked by.”

“Oh in this day and age thank goodness two very special young girls took notice of the little girl on her own,” added another user.



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