Two Red Pandas Playing in the Snow (Video)

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February 21, 2015 Updated: February 21, 2015

Two red pandas from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden recently had some fun in the snow. A video that was captured by a keeper at the zoo depicts them having a blast and that footage has quickly gone viral.

One of the red pandas was clearly overjoyed to be out in the white stuff, as it happily rolled around. The red panda jumped around and playfully charged at the keeper with its front paws up in the air and at one point it looks like the animal is getting ready for a boxing match.

When the second red panda came into view, the first one took off and decided to spend some time with its companion. They hopped through the snow, climbed trees and swatted at branches in a series of adorable activities.

The two stars in the video are 2-year-old Lin and 9-year-old Rover.

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