Two Chinese Universities Charge Visitors Admission

By Ling Yuguo, Central News Agency
July 11, 2005 Updated: July 11, 2005

HONG KONG – According to a media report, a lot of services in Mainland China are eager to earn money including some top universities. Two of the best-known universities, Tshinghua University and Beijing University, require campus tourists to purchase admission tickets for the price of 15 Chinese yuan (US$1.81). Local tourists are very dissatisfied with this regulation of paying fees to visit the campus.

According to a July 8 report from Hong Kong's Ming Daily, with the summer vacation's arrival, more and more elementary- and middle-school students are visiting the campuses of these two famous universities, with hopes of experiencing a first-class school atmosphere. But most of the visitors find their eager spirits dampened by the need to buy a 15-yuan admission ticket just to step onto the campus.

The Tourist Reception Center of Tsinghua University explained that the fees charged for admission include a campus tour fee and an administrative fee, with the aim of facilitating campus management.

The report points out that it is unreasonable for Tsinghua University and Beijing University to charge campus tourists fees because, as State-owned public properties, they are built and maintained at the taxpayers' expense, and moreover the government provides a huge amount of funding for these two schools every year.