Two 14-Year-Old Boys Found Guilty of the Murder of School Girl

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
June 19, 2019 Updated: June 19, 2019

Two 14-year-old boys were found guilty of the murder of a 14-year-old girl in Ireland on June 18, making them the youngest people in the history of their country to be convicted of murder.

Ana Kriégel was found dead inside a deserted house in Lucan in Dublin in May 2018, reported the BBC.

Because of their ages, the boys involved in the crime were referred to as Boy A and Boy B throughout the trial.

Kriégel left her home with Boy B on May 14, 2018, thinking that she was being taken to meet Boy A who she liked, according to The Irish Times.

Boy A then sexually assaulted and murdered Kriégel while Boy B watched and helped to cover up the crime, The Irish Times reported.

The jury gave its verdict in the case on Tuesday after six weeks of the trial at Dublin’s Central Criminal Court.

Justice Paul McDermott convicted the boys of murder after 14 hours of deliberations and remanded them in custody until July 15. He asked the authorities to submit school reports of both the boys as well as reports by social workers while probation reports are prepared as per the country’s Children Act 2001, reported The Irish Times.

The Guardian reported that children convicted of a crime are generally not sentenced for more than three years but for very serious cases, judges can award harsher sentences.

Kriégel was adopted by her parents from Russia when she was two years old. After the verdict was announced, her parents said she was their strength and she would be forever loved.

“Ana was a dream come true for us and she always will be. She will stay in our hearts, forever loved and forever cherished. We love you, Ana,” her mother Geraldine said, according to the Irish Mirror.

What Happened on the Day of the Crime?

The prosecution alleged that at 5 pm of the day of the crime, Boy B enticed Kriégel by telling her that they were going to meet Boy A, who she liked.

Boy A sexually assaulted the girl and murdered her at the derelict Glenwood House in Lucan, Dublin.

Both the boys pleaded not guilty to the girl’s murder. The trial drew evidence from forensic reports that cited Kriégel’s blood was found on Boy A’s boots and his semen on her top, according to The Irish Times.

During the investigation, police had found a backpack in Boy A’s room that contained a “zombie” mask, gloves, and knee pads. The victim’s blood was found on these objects as well, according to the Guardian.

The outlet reported that there were 60 areas of injury to the victim’s body and that she had fought with Boy A for her life.

CCTV footage from a park nearby the crime area showed Boy A walking towards the abandoned house where the girl was found dead.

A witness saw him walking near the same park later with blood on his shirt. When Boy A returned home after committing the crime he told his father that he fought two men who tried to beat him up in the park.

Boy A was arrested on May 24, 2018, and was investigated in the presence of his father and solicitor.

Boy B gave eight interviews to the investigators and The Irish Times reported he changed his account many times. By the time he was arrested on May 25, Boy B had confessed that he went to the scene of the crime with the girl and Boy A and that when he made his way alone from the abandoned building he heard the girl scream.

By the end of three further interviews, Boy B admitted that he witnessed Boy A attack and rape Kriégel.

Boy B first told investigators that Boy A had a blank look on his face while killing the girl but later revealed that the assaulter was actually wearing a zombie mask. This mask was later found in Boy A’s backpack.

“I didn’t know he would murder her,” Boy B said, according to The Irish Times. “I kept thinking to myself, this isn’t real, this isn’t happening. I kept thinking Boy A wouldn’t do this. It’s not like him.”

The BBC reported that the murder and its trial shocked the Republic of Ireland, particularly because of the age of the convicts and the nature of the crime.

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