Twitter as a Viable Marketing Platform

January 25, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Twitter can produce excellent results

As with any other business strategy or marketing idea there is a tremendous amount of information available on the World Wide Web which any person could research in order to find new and fresh ideas that will help them to optimize their marketing efficiency. The same is true for those people who have profiles on Twitter because there are many excellent tools which are available in order to enhance a Twitter marketing campaign.

The effective use of hashtags

The primary objective is to draw as much attention as possible to your particular brand and you do that by interacting with your customer as much as possible. Where necessary you can also devise ways in which to reward your customer when they have taken a specific action which is deserving of such a reward. For instance, the customer could be encouraged to upload pictures of specific products which have been purchased at major retail stores, which is excellent for the marketing of those products. There are many relatively inexpensive and simple ways in which to enhance a marketing campaign on twitter.

Back links to your website really increases traffic

Whenever you post on another profile or website or when you have employed professional writers to write articles for you on different platforms always ensure that you include a back link to your own website or social media profile, because doing so will dramatically increase the amount of traffic on your profile or website. This will be especially helpful when you have producedan article which is especially interesting and which draws a lot of attention from supporters and a back link in such an article could increase the amount of traffic on your profile tremendously.

Never cover up any of your mistakes

An unquestionable reputation is still one of the primary requirements if you are serious about building a social media profile with lots of support and therefore you should never under any circumstances attempt  to justify any mistakes which have been committed on your profile because that would really backfire very badly. The best thing that you can do is to immediately and honestly admit when any mistakes have been made and take steps to remedy them. This kind of honesty and a willingness to be honest and accountable will go a long way in order to ensure that people will remain supportive and continue to return to your profile.

Always consider the customer’s needs

We all know that marketing is an attempt by a business to make customers aware of their products or services but sometimes in order to get the attention of the customer you have to focus more on theirneeds than on yours and the way in which this is accomplished is by trying to be as helpful and as considerate as possible. The more problems which you can help your customer solve and the more advice which you can provide a more order to make their lives and their decisions easier the more will they be considerate of your needs.


Truly effective marketing becomes ultimately effective when you remember that you are dealing with other human beings that are encountering the exact same frustrations and obstacles in their lives that you are encountering in yours. When you are keeping that human passion alive and you are showing yourself to be caring and considerate and always willing to lend a compassionate ear then such an attitude will go a long way in influencing your audience.