TV Show Tells Different Story on Rape Case

June 4, 2009 9:20 pm Last Updated: October 1, 2015 9:45 pm

Chengdu TV reported on Deng Yujiao's rape case. (The Epoch Times)
Chengdu TV reported on Deng Yujiao's rape case. (The Epoch Times)
On May 30 a Chinese TV station aired a program analyzing the hotly discussed rape case of Deng Yujiao. The program gave a different perspective on the case from that which the authorities tried to sell to the public.

Using mostly firsthand interviews and videos, Chengdu TV’s program “8PM Tonight” led the audience through the details of the case that has shocked all of China. Because this is a time when the authorities are trying their best to suppress further discussion about this case, the show immediately captured people’s attention. More importantly, the show gave a viewpoint that differs from the official version, which is rare in a country notorious for suppressing freedom of speech.

Among other things, the show revealed how the most important piece of evidence in the case had been destroyed, surprisingly by Deng’s own mother.

On May 21, Deng’s two attorneys talked to Deng in the detention center and claimed to have made important progress in the case. This discussion occurred around noon. Deng’s mother was with them at this time, but left after she received a mysterious phone call and promised to return.

At 5 p.m. she was still missing. The apprehensive attorneys asked reporters on the scene to go to Deng’s home and protect the evidence. But later, people were told that Deng’s mother had washed the underwear Deng was wearing at the time when she was sexually assaulted.

Later, Deng’s neighbor said Deng’s mother had come home that afternoon accompanied by police. She had then left with them a short time later. The police took a pair of Deng’s clean underwear as evidence, 11 days after the incident happened.

According to the program, after May 21 local residents refused to talk about the case. In one scene, a local resident whose face was hidden in darkness said, “If I talk in front of your camera today, tomorrow someone will chop my head off.”

The host ended the show with a remark, “When we search for the truth, do not forget to search for the forces that manipulate the facts behind the scene.”

Since June 1, the show’s video on internet has been locked and cannot be played or downloaded.

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