Turn Season 2? Will AMC Show Be Renewed or Canceled?

Turn on AMC is wrapping up season 1 on June 8 and fans are wondering whether it will be renewed for a season 2.

As of this writing the network hasn’t given any indication on whether the show will be renewed or canceled but the ratings indicate that it will be canceled.

Turn is only drawing in about 1.3 million viewers to each episode, including 0.4 million in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

For context, Mad Men is averaging about two million viewers in its last season this year, which is a dip from previous seasons.

The Walking Dead, the most popular show on the network–and one of the most popular shows on cable–averaged about 13 million viewers in its latest season.

Based on AMC not announcing a renewal or cancellation yet–and its lagging viewing figures–it’s predicted that Turn will not be renewed.


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