TurboTab Z Tablet Goes for $169 With Android 4.0

February 20, 2012 Updated: February 20, 2012

Idolian set out to create tablet PCs costing between $100 and $299, and their latest addition lands smack dab in the middle of that. The TurboTab Z, which was just upgraded to the Android 4.0 operating system goes for just $169, beating even the Kindle Fire’s price of $199.

In terms of performance, its specs are fairly decent and it gets the job done for anyone wanting all the basic features of an Android tablet—including gaming, music, videos, and access to the Android Google Market. It also has a Flash Player (something Apple went vehemently against with its iOS systems).

It features a 1 GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM (the iPad 2 and Kindle Fire have 512MB of RAM). It also comes with a five-point touch screen, front facing camera, 360 G-Sensor, and HDMI output that lets you connect it to a TV and play videos. The battery life is a bit low, at up to five hours (compared to the Kindle Fire’s eight hours, and the iPad 2’s 10 hours).

The company behind the tablet has offices in the United States and South Korea. They offer a 1-year limited warranty that covers the United States.

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