Trump’s Twitter War with China | China Uncensored

December 9, 2016 Updated: December 9, 2016

So you thought Twitter was dead. Far from it! Twitter is having a resurgence. It’s all anyone can talk about. And it’s all thanks to soon to be president, Donald Trump.

On the campaign trail, Trump promised to be tough on China. And now, before even assuming office, he’s set his sights on the Chinese regime. In 140 characters or less. In two Tweets he tweeted Sunday, Trump attacked China for being a currency manipulator, and then for militarizing the South China Sea.

Now these are both things the US has criticized China for in the past. Just not via Twitter. It follows on the heels of a phone call between Trump and the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ying-wen. That’s the first time in 40 years a US president or president-elect had a phone call with Taiwan’s leader. Taiwan is considered a province by the Chinese regime.

I believe this was the Chinese Foreign Minister’s response.

My favorite state-run media Global Times slammed Donald Trump, saying “Trump’s reckless remarks against a major power show his lack of experience in diplomacy.” This one warns that Trump will learn not to cross China. Now in the West, Trump has also been slammed for his “Twitter diplomacy.” Because the proper way for a president to deal with China is to let the Chinese regime walk all over you!

And for all those who criticize Trump as lacking experience, at least he has experience on Twitter, where his verbal war with China goes all the way back to 2012, when he said that China invented global warming to hurt US manufacturing. Sorry Al Gore.

2012 also saw Trump weigh in on other important matters, such as the relationship between Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. He was right then and he’s right now!

So is it appropriate for the future president of the United States to use his Twitter account to discuss high level diplomatic issues? Well, it certainly is a new medium. Perhaps what’s strange and unusual now might be common practice in the future. The real problem is his Snapchat account…


So what do you think? Is Trump standing up to China? Or will his Twitter diplomacy result in a Myspace-level catastrophe? Leave your comments below.