Trump’s China Stance Wins 2020

August 2, 2019 Updated: August 2, 2019

After listening to the packed field of Democrat presidential contenders for 2020 – one thing is clear – President Trump wins again and in part because of his stance on China.

None of the candidates this past week conveyed a platform on China similar to President Trump’s. No candidate could bring themselves to admit that tariffs are working with respect to dealing with China. Candidates pivoted and deflected to talk about Russia instead and repeated democrat talking points – but no one offered a different plan or admitted that Trump is winning with respect to China.

It has become the political mantra of the left that “orange man bad” and therefore any credence to any one of his many accomplishments would be a disaster and thus cause the blue check mark brigade to revolt and unleash a 140-character thrashing on twitter as to the horrors of admitting that President Trump’s policies on China are working.

Americans care about jobs; they will pay more for American Made and they remember when manufacturing provided a better life for their family. States like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, all know the trials and tribulations of manufacturing closing and moving to China. Large multinationals sold out the American worker for cheap labor and bolstered the Communist Party of China (CPC). America’s decline in manufacturing started when China joined the WTO and politician after politician sold out the American worker. It is estimated that between 2000 and 2010 – the United States lost nearly 6 million manufacturing jobs.

But President Trump is not your typical politician – he has seen how manufacturing has caused regions that once flourished to become economically depressed and he understands that Americans have been in search of well-paying manufacturing jobs.  That is why he is standing up to China. Gone are the days of bending the knee to the CPC.

Sadly, the left has failed to comprehend this understanding. Instead they charge ahead – calling for free health care for all (American or not) and they plan to decimate our energy industry – all while staying silent on China. And remember, China is the world’s leader in pollution, human rights violations, and most recently are encroaching on the economic hub that is Hong Kong. The western media have mostly been quiet on the daily protests in Hong Kong and how Beijing has weaponized thugs to attack those who peacefully demonstrate against China’s encroachment.

The foundational policy of one country/two systems certainly seems in jeopardy. Just the other day the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) released a three-minute propaganda video that includes anti-riot drills with bullets flying about and tanks maneuvering – yet the left as we saw this week are clueless with respect to China.

Americans are watching and they see what President Trump is accomplishing with respect to China and how they’re benefiting. The President puts country first and is always looking out for this nation. As talks continue with Beijing, President Trump will remain vigilant and he should implement new tariffs as we have seen how they’re benefiting America.

Jon Toomey, a former Legislative Counsel for a U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means member and current Government Relations Director for an American trucking conglomerate. Follow Jon on twitter @j_toomey1

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