Trump Tops Epoch Times Reader Poll Asking for 5 Favorite Presidents

February 23, 2021 Updated: February 23, 2021

Former President Donald Trump topped a new survey among Epoch Times readers.

A poll asked readers to choose their five favorite presidents of all-time. Ninety-five percent chose Trump, who left office in January, as one of their top five.

The late Ronald Reagan came in second. The 40th president, who was in office from 1981 to 1989, was picked by over eight out of 10 respondents.

Two other presidents were popular choices. They were George Washington, the first president of the country, and Abraham Lincoln, who ended slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation. Both were chosen by over seven out of 10 readers.

The top four choices were strong nationalists who championed individual rights and limited government. All were Republicans except for Washington, who saw two parties emerge during his presidency.

Former President Thomas Jefferson rounded out the top five, but was picked by only 36 percent of respondents. He slightly edged former President John F. Kennedy, who was picked by 32.7 percent. Former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower were picked by about 18 percent of respondents.

Ronald Reagan
Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan speaks at a rally on Feb. 8, 1982. (Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images)

Readers also chose their five least favorite presidents. The most chosen were all Democrats, though several Republicans were in the next five.

Former President Barack Obama topped the list, with 95 percent putting him among their least favorite. President Joe Biden, who succeeded Trump, was a close second, with 89 percent.

Former President Bill Clinton, who served for eight years beginning in 1993, was chosen by 73 percent of respondents.

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Lyndon B. Johnson rounded out the top five, followed by George W. Bush, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, and Woodrow Wilson.

Over 128,000 readers filled out the survey, including over 72,000 subscribers. The online poll ran from Feb. 9 through Feb. 21.

The Epoch Times noted that Siena College’s 2018 ranking of all U.S. presidents had Trump in its bottom five, along with former Presidents Franklin Pierce, Warren Harding, James Buchanan, and Andrew Johnson.

On the other hand, Trump tied with Obama in 2019 as the most admired man in a Gallup poll, and overtook Obama the following year.

“Maybe it’s because Siena College’s rankings were compiled by academics. Maybe it’s because Gallup has a larger sample size. But we think this discrepancy is worth taking another look at. So we’ve decided to set up a ranking of our own—based on feedback from Americans like you,” readers were told.

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