Trump Supporter at DC Rally: Supreme Court Should Uphold the Rule of Law

December 12, 2020 Updated: December 13, 2020

Trump supporter Maverick Stow from New York joined the rallies in Washington D.C. on Dec. 12 and told the NTD that the Supreme Court should uphold “the rule of law.”

“New York is going to be a red state. New York is only a blue state because of Manhattan. And they cheated,” Stow told NTD. “They fixed this election, and it is illegitimate and we need to fight it. And that’s why we’re sitting here in front of the Supreme Court today to make sure the Supreme Court upholds the rule of law.”

“Governor Cuomo has closed all the businesses, the schools are closed. He’s closed the churches,” Stow continued, “he’s taking away our rights. He is taking away our guns. We have a Second Amendment right to bear arms. We’re allowed to bear arms and he’s taken that away and we need to fight it.”

“We need to fight it now and we need to stop that steal,” Stow told an NTD reporter in front of the Supreme Court.

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