Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Responds to Anti-Trump Comment From Years Ago: ‘Media Is Absolutely Lying to You’

November 23, 2020 Updated: November 23, 2020

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis responded to a Twitter post and comments she made about five years ago in which she criticized then-candidate Trump.

In early 2016, Ellis appeared to oppose his candidacy, describing him as “boorish and arrogant” at one point.

Ellis, however, said on Monday that she changed her tune on the president long ago.

“For everyone posting my comments from five years ago, I’m glad you saw those. It shows how media is absolutely lying to you about President Trump, and when you know the truth, your opinion will change. Mine did. Love the Lord & seek truth always,” she wrote on Twitter.

In a statement to media outlets last week, Ellis also said that “it’s no secret that I did not support Donald Trump early in the primary process in 2015, like many others who didn’t know him, and I’ve always been straightforward with my opinions and I’ve always admitted when my opinion changes.”

“I am glad to have learned that I was completely wrong about Trump back then and I’ve said that over and over publicly, as I saw him keeping his promises, and then eventually getting to know him personally,” Ellis added.

The conservative lawyer added that Trump “is a sincere Christian, the best president in modern history, and made and kept his promises to the American people,” while she is “proud to stand with him and his goals for the future of this country and all of its citizens.”

Since the Nov. 3 election, Ellis and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani have been among the most visible Trump surrogates, making statements to the media and holding press conferences about alleged voter fraud instances.

“President Trump is absolutely right to keep all legal options on the table as we evaluate results. He is committed to protecting election integrity and defending the Constitution. We are a nation of rules, not rulers,” Ellis wrote on the day after the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, the Trump legal team’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania was taken up by the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday—coming two days after a Pennsylvania judge threw out one of their cases.