Trump Adviser: US/UK Trade Deal Possible Quickly

January 17, 2017 Updated: January 17, 2017

Anthony Scaramucci, who is set to join the Donald Trump administration when it takes power on Friday, says a trade deal between the United States and Britain can be forged much quicker than the time it usually takes for trade deals.

Asked by The Associated Press at the World Economic Forum whether a deal can be negotiated in time for Britain’s exit from the European Union, which is expected sometime in the spring of 2019, Scaramucci says it would be wrong to “take the typical political rubric that you’ve seen and map that out.”

Trump, he says is a “hard charger” and has got a group of people around him that are “very result-oriented.”

Trade deals have traditionally taken years to cobble together, because of diverging interests.

Scaramucci also says that Trump’s message for the EU to stay together following last year’s Brexit vote is “don’t command top-down from Brussels what should be going on in Manchester or Rome.”