True Objective Journalism

February 19, 2021 Updated: February 19, 2021

Kudos to the Editorial Board for providing the framework for Americans to intelligently make the choice between Good and Evil. Your thoughts and direction are a prime example of true objective journalism, which has been disregarded by an overwhelming majority of the Media [“A Time for Choosing: A Test for Our Souls,” published in the Jan. 6 edition].

The people don’t realize they are being persuaded against the American Way, which has lived and given us all freedom, faith in God, and trust in our values and a path to life that has not been matched anywhere in the world. We all know we are taught to love our neighbors and forgive their transgressions, which on many occasions is an insurmountable task bearing in mind that the Left has been taken over by the “End Justifies the Means” mentality we have all experienced. Particularly, the plagiarism of Biden and Harris is a prime example. Harris’s “freedom” and Biden’s adoption of the Winston Churchill statements, too many to mention, demonstrate the major defects in their respective characters, by attempting to fool all of us.

God help us, and we should also help ourselves. As you have wisely said, “Americans can choose honesty instead of fraud; personal responsibility instead of socialism; truth and freely reported news over propaganda and censorship; and belief over atheism.” The secret is to forgive but never forget. Thank you Editorial Board; words do matter and the truth will always prevail.

Harry Tipping