True Detective Spoilers: Preview of Season 1, Episode 6

February 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

True Detective season 1 continues with episode 6 this weekend, with the mystery of the Yellow King prominent at this point in the HBO show.

Papania and Gilbough are still trying to solve a 17-year-old case that revolves around the murders of several women in Louisiana. But now, clues are revealing a troubling side to the story. Papania and Gilbough now believe Detective Cohle may have had some part in the ritualistic murders—or has been an aid in the cover-up–by conveniently leading them to every clue or lead in the case.

Also, Cohle was recently spotted at the scene of the recent killing in Lake Charles, which is similar to the Dora Lange case.

Cohle dares the detectives to get a warrant for his arrest while Detective Hart was questioned over what happened between him and Cohle in 2002, which led to him quitting the force. That would be murdering suspects at Reggie LaDue’s hidden home.

In episode 6, Maggie will shed light on what Cohle did in 2002, according to the official synopsis.

In the promo for episode 6, a victim tells Cohle that the “man with scars” made her “watch” something.

Meanwhile, Hart is dealing with his own issues, including his marriage. 

Michelle Monaghan, who plays Maggie, told Indie Wire that her character shouldn’t be underestimated.

“They have a family, and she desperately wants to keep her family intact, and as the series progresses you see the frustration mount for her,” Monaghan explains about Maggie. “And she clearly gives Martin an out, on a couple of different occasions. I think as a result of his disillusionment, he underestimates her. And that’s really upsetting to her.”

Cohle is working hard outside the home with his investigations but when he’s with his family he’s a coward, Monaghan said. 

She revealed hints about the remaining three episodes this season:

“We continue to see as the series progresses more of Maggie’s strength unveiled, episode after episode,” Monaghan said. “You really kind of discover ultimately how cunning and devastating she is and both of the men truly make the mistake of underestimating her.”

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