True Detective Season 2 Premiere Date: ‘Summer 2015’ Air Date to be Delayed, Report Says

October 14, 2014 Updated: October 14, 2014

The True Detective season 2 premiere date is going to be delayed due to a prolonged casting process and the fact that filming hasn’t even started, according to a new report.

HBO and producers said recently that fans could expect season 2 to kick off in summer 2015, about 18 months following the end of season 1.

But a delay in filming, and the fact that the casting process isn’t complete, along with other factors, seems to indicate that the show won’t come out until fall 2015 at the earliest.

“For now, HBO and its producing partners will only say that filming is to take place ‘this fall.’ No production start date has been announced, and there are several key roles left to cast, crews to hire, and plenty of pre-production work left to do. What’s shaping up is a potential logistical squeeze, compared to the process they went through for Season 1,” wrote Josh Dickey in Mashable.

The report notes that the scrips also don’t seem to be complete, and that the biggest crunch actually comes after filming is complete.

“But the biggest crunch comes after filming is complete. The first season of True Detective was shot in Louisiana beginning April 9, 2013, with a premiere airdate of January 12, 2014. That’s a nine-month turnaround from the start of production to start-of-series — not particularly tight, not particularly leisurely. Certainly impressive for a show of its size and scope,” it said.

(AP Photo/HBO, Jim Bridges)
(AP Photo/HBO, Jim Bridges)

“Assuming for a second that Team True Detective has its ducks more lined up than they’re letting on, a mid- to late-November production start isn’t out of the question. Add the minimum nine-month turnaround, and we’re talking the end of August/beginning of September for Season 2 — and that’s in a best-case scenario.”

True Detective Rumors actually says that season 2 is supposed to premiere in January 2015, which seems to be virtually impossible at this point. 

“We’re still rooting for that January premiere, but it’s time to start thinking realistically. It’s possible that some setup and filming has already begun, but that would be a deep secret in HBO’s pocket. That would be no easy feat in today’s world, where set pics leak constantly. Hopefully season two will pick up steam soon, otherwise it’s going to be a bit of wait,” it noted.

There are also incredibly high expectations for season 2 after the enormous success of season 1, adding even more pressure for creator Nic Pizzolatto and the new cast members, which include Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell.

The blog noted that people should reserve judgement at least until footage and other details starts rolling out.

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