True Blood Live Stream: Series Finale Sunday; Watch HBO Go; Does Bill Die? (Spoilers)

 True Blood’s last season is tonight on HBO at 9 p.m. A live stream is available here at HBO Go.

HBO programming director Michael Lombardo told THR the reasons why the show is ending.

“This season, ‘True Blood’ is one of the highest-rated shows across the board; it gets over 10 million views an episode,” he said. “But the minute you feel you’re airing it for the numbers we start questioning it. Every season we sit down with the creator and say, ‘Tell us what the next year will be like.’ And if there aren’t exciting, unbelievable, undeniable ideas in the coming season, we’re questioning.

“And I think in the case of ‘True Blood,’ it just felt like we had reached a place where the storytelling was hitting a wall. And to stay just because the ratings were strong felt not who we are and we needed, quite honestly, the money and Sunday night space for new shows.”



Fans have predicted that Bill will die in the final episode.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “76 percent believe Hep-V infected Bill (Stephen Moyer) will get his wish and meet the true death before the hour is over. (By comparison, only 17 percent think Alexander Skarsgard’s healthy Eric will end the series in a pile of bloody goo. The risk for Kristin Bauer van Straten’s Pam rises to 37 percent. And as for Anna Paquin’s Sookie, whose home is presumably about to get swarmed by the Yakuza, only 25 percent expect her to bite it.)”

It added: “Roughly 54 percent believe Bill needs to get over himself—Sookie’s realized he’s her first love, not only love. Twenty-eight percent agree with Bill—she’d always compare every man to him. And 18 percent think the point is moot—Sookie shouldn’t have to move on because they’re meant to be together.”