Truck Accidentally Takes Out Women’s Cycling Finishing Line in Australia

January 11, 2018 Updated: January 11, 2018

A heavy truck took out the inflatable finishing line of a women’s cycling race in South Australia surprising an ABC TV crew who captured the accident on camera.

Video shows a reporter doing her piece to camera about the Tour Down Under cycling race before pausing for a truck to pass by that on its way takes with it the event’s inflatable finishing line.

ABC reporter Sarah Hancock indeed got a surprise when it occurred.

Two people were lucky not to be hurt when the inflatable finishing line was ripped from the surface and carried with the truck that was hauling hay.

The ABC reported that the truck stopped a distance further down the road and the inflatable finishing line wasn’t badly damaged. After some attention and care it was back in action.

The report said that by the time the women cyclists reached the race’s concluding point the inflatable finishing was back up.

Police were not required on the scene to assist cleaning up what occurred.

The winner for the day was local cyclist Annette Edmondson. More than 100 women took part in the opening stage of the race in the Adelaide Hills, said the report.



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