Triads Infiltrate Security Industry in Malaysia, 80 Companies Involved

April 21, 2015 Updated: April 28, 2015

The triads have found an interesting way to dodge the law: they simply infiltrate the security companies tasked with keeping watch. The Home Affairs Ministry in Malaysia revealed on April 21 that close to 80 security companies in the country are managed by the triads.

The triads are Chinese transnational crime organizations that operate in several countries including the United States and Canada, and throughout the Asian region.

There are many types of triads, including some with direct ties with the Chinese regime such as the Fuk Ching gang, which operates in New York City and elsewhere. Others operate more like the Italian mafia, with global operations and ties to corrupt officials like those recently revealed by the head of the police force in Guangdong, China.

It’s unclear which category of triads are operating in Malaysia, but they are causing some serious concerns for local officials.

Datuk Sri Mustapa Ali, president of Malaysia’s non-government Security Services Association of Malaysia, said that close to 80 percent of the country’s Klang Valley is protected by the triads.

“Let the relevant authorities take action so that this matter can be prevented or eliminated. If no action is taken, the issue would escalate and become even more serious,” he said, according to Malaysian news outlet Astro Awani.

Mustapa said a “task force” was established in Malaysia three months ago with its Ministry of Home Affairs, police force, and immigration authorities to combat the triads.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi sent a warning on April 20, saying that Malaysian authorities would not tolerate security firms that are selling their business to the triads.

The problem has spread, reported Malaysian news outlet The Rakyat Post, because shareholders in some of the security companies are either selling or renting their stakes in the security firms to the triads. The triads, in turn, use them as front companies.

“Only 800 security firms are allowed at any time, so don’t blame us if their licenses are revoked,” Ahmad Zahid said.

His comments followed a string of crimes in Malaysia that involved security guards. A 33-year-old bank employee was recently slashed and stabbed to death by a security guard in Taman Molek. Prior to that, in Klang, a gang burned a security guard to death and injured five others while attacking a security guard post.

“Public safety is paramount and I have told the police to take urgent action,” he said.

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