Transportation Mayhem After Brussels Attacks

March 22, 2016 Updated: March 22, 2016

Travel in and out of Belgium has become chaotic after the attacks at the Brussels airport and subway train.

The Brussels airport announced on their Twitter account and website that all flights in and out were cancelled until further notice. Airport officials also said the area was being evacuated and asked people to stay away from the airport’s surrounding areas. 

The airport also released a phone number that people could call to find out about friends and family that were supposed to fly.

Delta Airlines’s flight DL80, with 151 passengers and 11 crew members—en route from Atlanta to Brussels—landed safely at the airport and all customers have deplaned, said Delta in a statement.

Delta’s flight DL42, with 144 passengers and a crew of 11, and traveling from New York to Brussels, was diverted to Amsterdam

According to Reuters, United Airlines also had two flights scheduled to arrive in Brussels the day of the attack. The airline said a flight from Washington Dulles arrived at 7:01 a.m. local time, with passengers getting off the plane without issues.

Flight 999 from Newark Liberty was diverted to another unidentified location.

Ryanair also listed the flights that had been canceled and diverted on their website. However,  they had some flights towards Brussels’ Charleroi Airport running but with delays.

Aer Lingus also had a rerouted flight.

KLM Airlines stated on their webpage that flight 1722 travelling from Brussels to Amsterdam had disembarked and evacuated from the terminal.

Meanwhile, train systems also saw cancellations and delays.

Eurostar stated on their twitter account that trains in out of Brussels had been canceled. However, they said they were looking to restore services.

Uber was still an option for getting around after public transportation was shut down, but travelers had a hard time finding cars.

Following the attacks, the city has been on lockdown and on high alert.