Transform Your Backyard Into an Oasis

Spring is upon us after a few harsh winter months, and as we evaluate the damage that Mother Nature has done, we scramble to find the 1-800 number to the backyard emergency hotline. Unfortunately, when we called, the line was busy. Therefore, we decided to do our own research on how we can transform our backyards into an oasis!

Step 1: Inspect and Repair

The first step in our backyard rescue plan is to inspect the yard and take care of any cleaning or repairs that need to be done. Start with simple projects like picking up trash and raking the lawn to remove debris. Once the clean-up is complete, inspect siding, outdoor structures, fences and eavestroughs for damage.

Deck Repair 101

If you have a deck or patio space, a little deck repair can go along way to giving your backyard new life. Repair your deck by removing any soft or rotted boards and replacing them with rot-resistant or pressure treated wood.

Spot-prime any exposed trim ends with Alkyd Stain Blocking Primer. Pull any loose or popped nail heads and replace with a larger galvanized nail. Fill all nail heads with exterior filler. To avoid moisture penetration, caulk all cracks or checks in the deck boards.

Thoroughly clean your deck prior to re-painting. To clean and neutralize mildew and algae spots, use a solution of one part bleach to four parts water. Soak the area for at least 15 minutes and then rinse well. Give the deck plenty of time to dry before you begin to re-paint.

Give your deck a fresh look with a solid hide stain like SharkSkin Solid Hide Deck & Siding. A solid hide stain provides a rich, creamy texture that hides the natural colour of the wood, masking imperfections and unwanted grain and colour variations. This is especially important if you’ve had to replace some of the older boards with newer boards that do not match perfectly.

Step 2: Add Excitement

Once your yard is clean and repairs have been done, you’re ready to look at adding excitement to your backyard. Adding new elements is a great way to turn a boring backyard into a fresh, exciting oasis!

Love to Garden

• Why bend over to pick herbs from your garden when you can create a vertical herb garden?
• We spend hours weeding and pruning to create a beautiful garden. Why not have a gazebo that overlooks your garden where you can sit and read a good book?

Need to Organize

• An outdoor shower comes in handy when the kids are covered in mud and want to come into the house.
• Garden sheds are a great way to tidy up the backyard by tucking away your lawnmower and garden tools behind closed doors.

Planning to Entertain

• Create the ultimate backyard theatre with a few props and host a movie night.
• Don’t have enough room in the house for the in-laws to stay overnight? No problem, add a private guest room in your backyard.

A little creative planning and effort is all it takes to turn your backyard into an oasis that you and your loved ones will enjoy in the summer months ahead.

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