Town of Goshen Water, Sewer Rates a Mixed Bag This Year

Some are increasing, some decreasing, and some are staying the same
April 20, 2016 Updated: April 20, 2016

GOSHEN—Water and sewer rates for Town of Goshen residents could be higher or lower in 2016 depending on the district.

There is no change in rates for Hambletonian Park for either sewer or water, but for Arcadia Hills there is a 5 percent increase for both. There is a 5 percent increase for Stonehedge water and a 5 percent decrease for Scotchtown water, neither of which have municipal sewage systems.

At an April 14 Town Board meeting, Supervisor Doug Bloomfield proposed $600,000 in capital projects for the coming year, which could shrink to $260,000 if the Town gets a state grant it has applied for the second year now.

Among those projects is $10,000 to replace two water main valves in the Hambletonian Park district, a project that was slated to be done last year but wasn’t, and $60,000 to patch or replace sewer lines there.

The biggest capital project is $400,000 to repair and coat a water tank in Arcadia Hills, but if the $240,000 state grant comes in, that figure would shrink to $160,000. Also in Arcadia Hills, two wells are going to be rehabilitated for $30,000 and sewage line and sewer force main repairs for $100,000.

The reason Hambletonian Park’s rates are not going to increase this year is because Heritage Estates, at one time known as New York Farms, LLC, is going to be putting in 77 houses on Old Chester Road, increasing the district by over 70 percent. It is also giving $130,000 towards infrastructure improvements, something the Town negotiated with the developer.

It’s the economy of scale—you have more people pay the bills.
— Doug Bloomfield, Goshen Town Supervisor

“As soon as they sign the maps, they will have to send us a check for $130,000,” Bloomfield said.

The Town also negotiated with ADC Orange, Inc., which is developing Maplewood Village with 68 homes on Craigville Road to contribute $153,000 toward a second water storage tank. That development is about two years away, Bloomfield said, but when it is built, it will bring the district to 311 homes.

“This is a great day for Hambletonian Park,” Bloomfield said. “It’s the economy of scale—you have more people pay the bills.”

Bloomfield showed a chart of the rates for the last three years, which shows no rate changes for 2015 for all districts, no change or a decrease in rates for 2014, and decreased rates between 5 and 10 percent for 2013.

He said that was accomplished by continual upgrades to equipment, reducing operating costs in the water and sewer department, and putting qualified personnel in critical positions.

Addressing an almost empty room at the Town Board meeting, Bloomfield said, “I’m really sorry we don’t have 50 people here tonight from the water and sewer districts to hear what we have to say. That in itself says something—if we went back to 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 this place was wall-to-wall with people.”

The Board voted unanimously to approve the rates, which will take effect May 1.

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