Tourism Spurring International Property Investments in Marbella

By Offplan World, Offplan World
January 29, 2014 Updated: January 28, 2014

Tourists and investors throughout the world associate Spain with sun, sand, and sea. Since the dawn of air travel and the package holiday, Spain has been and still is a go-to destination for many people around the globe who wish to soak up the Mediterranean sun. 

According to Urban Land Institute, European countries with property markets hit hard by the economy like Ireland and Spain are now attracting many real estate investors because of the recovery. According to Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2014 says 71 percent of respondents report a shortage of assets available, and soon properties on the market are likely to be overpriced.

Spain is also a popular retirement destination, as people look to spend their retirement in a warmer climate, close to the sea. 

Costa del Sol is a particularly popular area with international tourists, and is the center of Spanish tourism. Marbella is one of the Costa’s most famous places, a very popular tourist destination, which of course is known for the rich and famous people who visit it each year. 

Marbella has presented investors with some fantastic investment opportunities for those thinking of buying property for sale in Spain. 

Giving its rising popularity, Marbella is now one of the best, and one of the most profitable destinations to invest in. 

Demand is also growing, evidenced by the increase in property prices in the area. Residential properties have increased 10–25 percent in the past few years. Demand is high and it also exceeds supply. 

Thriving Tourism

Property for sale in Marbella is highly profitable due to the thriving tourism of the area and therefore it comes as no surprise that some of the most profitable investments are holiday homes. 

Celebrities, wealthy families, and couples are coming to the area more than ever before, so luxury tourist properties and holiday rentals are therefore in demand and thus are extremely profitable. 

International visitors also feed local businesses and commercial properties, with restaurants and nightlife in demand. 

Economical Improvements

A range of recent economical improvements in this area of Spain can also help investment returns; there are also a number of up and coming improvements planned. 

Marbella has a high-speed rail terminal, presenting fantastic transport links to the regional area and rail links across Spain. 

A new port at a $548 million (€400 million) price tag also presents even more investment opportunities. The new port will provide docking for cruise ships, in addition to berths for private vessels. It is expected to further boost the already prosperous tourist industry. 

As a result of local investment and economy building schemes, new builds are popping up left, right and center, including both residential developments and commercial infrastructure. 

The new complexes simply add to the investment opportunities available in Marbella. The properties offer good returns and many offer affordable initial outlays. 

Current supply of property for sale in Marbella is unable to keep up with the demand, and demand is growing, and set to grow even further with the economic improvements that are being made. 

Investment in properties will no doubt provide strong returns and any new property development will equally have no doubt being filled. 

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