Tough Border Controls When Northern Territory Reopens

July 5, 2020 Updated: July 5, 2020

Tough entry and quarantine measures will be implemented across the Northern Territory upon the reopening of borders in an effort to keep coronavirus at bay.

From July 17, entrants to the NT will need to complete a border arrival form and declare if they have travelled to or through a coronavirus hotspot in the last 28 days.

If any entrant to the NT has been in a hotspot, self-isolation for 14 days in a regional centre at their own expense is mandatory.

The territory’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner says border control measures need to be strict to ensure Territorians remain safe.

“We will implement the toughest quarantine system in the territory we’ve had since this crisis began. If there are arrivals from hotspots, they will be put into mandatory supervised, not self-quarantine,” he said.

The supervised quarantine periods will be conducted at the Howard Springs Facility.

Those exiting quarantine will be required to undertake another virus test, and if the test is declined, will lead to a further 10 day stay at the facility.

“We will send you the bill for it,” said Minister Gunner.

Minister Gunner also said the state will not be entirely closed to Victorians.

By Patrick James