Tortured Son in ‘Horror House’ Family Was Only Allowed Out to Attend College, Excelled at Classes

January 26, 2018 Updated: January 26, 2018

The eldest Turpin son, one of 13 children to be freed from alleged imprisonment at their California home earlier this month, was allowed out of the house to attend community college.

And he excelled, earning a GPA of 3.932, according to a transcript from December.

The 25-year-old, who has not been named, was one of 13 children to be discovered by police officers in Perris on Jan. 15.

The eldest son’s sister had escaped the home and called the police. Inside, they found the siblings all living in squalid conditions and some were even chained to beds or other large objects.

Rarely allowed to eat or shower, some barely ever saw the light of day. But the eldest son was driven to classes at Mt. San Jacinto College by his mother Louise Turpin, who then waited outside to scoop the son up the moment he finished classes, according to Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin.

The Turpin boy took a variety of classes, including music, algebra, English, guitar, basic auto mechanics, and public speaking.

Student Marci Duncker told ABC News that despite the boy’s stellar grades, he managed to avoid contact with people.

After class was over, “He’d leave,” she said. “Didn’t really talk to anybody.

“I’d try to say ‘Hi’ a few times, all he did was look,” Duncker said. “I didn’t see him after about a month or so,” she added. “I think he just stopped coming.”

Another student noted that the eldest son was “really pale” and had “this kind of depressive aura around him.”

Student Joe Chermak said that in the spring of 2016, during the music department’s student showcase, he saw a man he now believes was David Turpin, who along with his wife was charged with torturing and imprisoning their 13 children.

Along with the eldest son’s father, several siblings attended the showcase.

“They seemed well-behaved. And also, like, they were all in uniforms, so at first I thought it was a group of kids coming from another school,” Chermak said. “We didn’t really think much of it, but all I know is that they left kind of abruptly in the middle of the show.”

Epoch Times Photo
Defendant David Turpin (L), Louise Anna Turpin appears in court in Riverside, Calif., Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018. (Terry Pierson/The Press-Enterprise via AP, Pool)

“I noticed that some of them were skinny,” Chermak added. “One of them you could tell from their arm, they were really skinny.”

Officials said the children rescued from the home were severely malnourished. Louise and David allegedly only let them have one meal a day and shower only twice a year.

Angie Parra, who took a class with the eldest son, said previously that he avoided eye contact.

“I could see sadness in his face,” she told NBC4. “His eyes—he never wanted to make eye contact with anyone.”

She remembered one day when there was a potluck at the school the boy ate a lot of food.

“He stood by the table and didn’t sit down,” Parra added. “He literally ate plate after plate after plate.”


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