Toronto Q&A

July 18, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015

The Epoch Times asked Torontonians going about their day what upcoming events they were looking forward to and what their favourite outing was in the city.


Isabelle Odejar and Yvonne Echavez (Snow Mei/The Epoch Times)

Isabelle Odejar and
Yvonne Echavez

Odejar said she plans to volunteer for Scotiabank’s BuskerFest for Epilepsy. She enjoys volunteering for events in her spare time.

Eschavez is looking forward to one of Toronto’s largest events of the summer. “I’m excited for CNE. I’m supposed to work there. I’m currently waiting for my interview,” she said.

The friends said that water parks were one of their favourite places to spend time in the summer.





Lidia Morycinska, Freelance photographer (Snow Mei/The Epoch Times)

Lidia Morycinska
Freelance photographer

“I know there’s a Caribbean festival coming soon. I’m excited for that, looking forward to seeing it,” said Morycinska, a visitor from Vancouver.

For evening entertainment, she said she likes to watch free outdoor movies. “I love watching free movies [at] St. John Park, Dundas Square. I like to go to Harbourfront, to see how people interact, and I love water.”

Torontonians are friendly and helpful, she said. “It’s a pleasure to be here.”



Josephine Cabiles (Snow Mei/The Epoch Times)

Josephine Cabiles

“I don’t go for events much. I’m really busy, my lifestyle is packed. During weekends I spend my time at church, every Saturday and Sunday, and sometimes Friday night. There’s a lot of activities there,” said Cabiles.

Her favourite outing is to go somewhere with the church. “That would be great.”





Whitney Truong (Snow Mei/The Epoch Times)

Whitney Truong

Truong said she is especially looking forward to this year’s CNE. As for other outings, she has one particular interest.

“I like to go shopping—the malls,” she said.






Dean Scinocco (Snow Mei/The Epoch Times)

Dean Scinocco

Scinocco said he is not much of a festival goer. “I don’t go to festivals and events around Toronto much.”

In his free time, his passion is to go to the skate park.





Tyler Bonham

“I go to the beer festivals every year, usually in August, [but] it’s not super high on my list of things to do. Besides that, nothing really stands out,” said Bonham, adding that he did enjoy the Toronto International Film Festival last year.

“I do like getting out to Centre Island every once in a while. It’s a cool time to throw a frisbee around, have a couple of drinks,” he said. “The Taste of Danforth is cool, Summerlicious is pretty cool as well. Eating at restaurants that you don’t usually go to, having set menus is [also] a cool idea.”

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