Tornado Looters: 17 Arrested Around Oklahoma

June 13, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Tornado looters have come to several Oklahoma cities, stealing things including copper wire, watches, jewelry, and other items.

“The houses are still standing and looters are kicking in doors and taking TVs and appliances,” resident Fisher told Reuters. “They arrested two guys in my neighborhood the night of the tornado who were carrying out a love seat and couch.”

Fisher said that his home was demolished by the EF-5 twister. His insurance company later said he needs to remove his valuables from his home.

A spokesman in Moore, Okla., where a devastating tornado leveled neighborhoods and killed dozens in May, said that 17 arrested have been made, reported Reuters.

“We are seeing people take everything from copper to pipes to scrap metal to all kinds of electronics,” Lewis told the news agency. “It’s a misdemeanor crime and not a crime we usually have to deal with.”

Several days ago, several men from the were arrested looting people’s homes, taking scrap metal and copper wire, reported The Oklahoman. One of the men was from New York City and two others were from Virginia.

Residents also said that a $50,000 watch, a $2,000 fountain pen, and a $13,000 watch were stolen.