Torment in Skies: Child Screams and Runs Throughout 8-Hour Flight

February 15, 2018 Updated: October 5, 2018

Shane Townley had a lot to say after a flight from Germany to Newark, New Jersey.

“It was torture,” he said in a Youtube post. The uploaded video shows a child on the flight emitting rasping screams and displaying other unruly behavior.

“The airlines asked the mother to leave the flight with the child before the flight took off,” Townley said in the Aug. 28, 2017, post. “The mother convinced the flight attendant that he would be fine once the plane took off and he could use his iPad.”

The iPad, apparently, wasn’t enough.

Townley’s video includes multiple clips, which come from different times of the flight, according to subtitles added to the video. Based on this account, the boy screamed pretty much throughout the flight, except for a time when he was allowed to run around the plane.

At one point the video shows the boy sitting on top of a headrest. “Mom lets the kid do whatever he wants throughout the flight,” the subtitles commented.

At times the boy’s screams turn into a bizarre-sounding screeching blabber.

Townley speculated the boy may have suffered a mental condition, but hoped for the mother and the airline to handle the situation better “as a plane full of 200 souls was affected for 8 hours of screaming.”


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