Tor Service Allegedly Being Hacked by Lizard Squad, Group Behind PSN and Xbox Live Hack

December 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Tor, the network that allows for anonymous Internet browsing, is apparently being hacked by Lizard Squad, the group behind the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live attacks.

On Twitter, the group indicated through several of its Twitter accounts that it is going after the network.

“To clarify, we are no longer attacking PSN or Xbox. We are testing our new Tor 0day,” the group wrote.

Meanwhile, Nadim Kobeissi–a “programmer interested in applied cryptography and the web”–wrote: “@LizardMafia’s Tor relay attack isn’t new. There’s a paper on how Tor loses anonymity if over 50% of relays are compromised.”

He also wrote: “There’s a total of ~8,000 Tor relays – @LizardMafia now owns almost half of them. Big implications on Tor anonymity.”

Tor works by bouncing one’s communications around networks of volunteer nodes. If one group is controlling more than half of the nodes, it would be able to eavesdrop on Tor users. This means, according to Gizmodo, that Lizard Squad could track a number of anonymous users on the service.

“Someone who claims to be a part of Lizard Squad has set up a large number of Tor relays. That’s it,” Runa A. Sandvik, who is an advocate with the Tor project, told the site.

However, Kobeissi said that it’s unclear what will happen after the swarming of nodes.

“The attack won’t be effective unless Lizard Squad’s relays obtain enough consensus with the rest of the network, which is currently not happening due to the newness of the relays and their low bandwidth allowance,” tweeted Kobeissi.

This comes after Mega founder Kim Dotcom said he offered Lizard Squad gift vouchers to stop the attacks on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.