Top Three Teams Push Ahead in Hockey Standings

Hong Kong—Premier Hockey
By Bill Cox
Bill Cox
Bill Cox
October 14, 2015 Updated: November 25, 2021

HONG KONG—After four rounds matches of the Hong Kong Hockey Association Premier Division, three teams are pushing ahead in the standings: Khalsa-A and SSSC-A have 12-points and HKFC-A is on 9-points (but have only played 3-games). KNS-A and HKCC-A are both on six-points but HKCC still have a game in hand. On goal difference Khalsa has already stretched into a 17-point lead having amassed 34 goals in the 4-matches with a goal difference of +27 compared with +10 for SSSC-A and +5 for HKFC-A.

This shows the caliber of the Khalsa side that is not just able to win but to win by a big margin. Admittedly opponents have varied but Khalsa have already played and beaten KNS the fourth placed team 5-1, and SSSC played KNS last weekend (Oct 11) and won 6-1. But the crunch matches between the top teams will not start until Nov 8 when HKFC-A play Khalsa (at home), HKFC-A then play SSSC-A on Nov 22, and Khalsa-A and SSSC-A will meet on Dec 6.

In the matches so far, Khalsa have played Pak-A, KNS-A and HKFC-B. SSSC-A have played Valley-A, KCC-A, Pak-A and Shaheen-A; SSSC-A have played Valley-A, KCC-A, Pak-A and KNS-A; and HKFC-A have played HKFC-B, Shaheen-A and HKCC-A.

In the matches last weekend Oct 11, SSSC-A beat KNS-A 6-1, Khalsa-A beat Shaheen-A 8-1, Valley-A beat HKFC-B 3-1, HKCC-A beat HKU-A 5-0 and Pak-A and KCC-A a drew 3-3.

Shaheen-A who defeated HKU-A 8-1 in the previous week, lost to leading team Khalsa-A 8-1 on Oct 11, showing the big difference in strength between the top and the bottom teams.

Playing at Sports Road on Oct 11, HKCC-A had a comfortable 5-0 win over HKU-A while Valley-A overcame HKFC-B in a well contested encounter 3-1.

Shaheen, HKCC (after 3 matches), Valley and HKFC-B are all on 3-points in the standings so this weekend’s encounter between Shaheen and Valley is a good opportunity for one of them to move up the table as both HKCC and HKFC-B have difficult opponents meeting Khalsa and SSSC respectively.

In the Women’s Premier Division matches on Oct 10, Valley-A beat HKFC-B 4-1, and Shaheen-A defeated HKCC-A 2-1.

Next Fixtures
The fixtures for this coming Sunday, Oct 18 are HKCC-B vs SSSC-A, HKFC-A vs KCC-A (both at HKFC) and at King’s Park: Pak-A vs KNS-A, Shaheen-A vs Valley-A and HKCC-A vs Khalsa-A, while HKU-A have a bye.

Bill Cox