Top 8 Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas

By Madhurima Nag
Madhurima Nag
Madhurima Nag
October 12, 2015 Updated: October 12, 2015

Finding that perfect gift for that someone special is not easy. It’s not just the budget that counts but also the quality and design. Some men like simple designs while there are others who would like to try out new cool stuff from time to time.

I don’t know how many of you will agree with me but it does take a lot of time to find out a gift worth presenting your loved ones. Ever since I joined The Gadget Flow, my Christmas gifts search has been super easy.

But now that we have over 8K products, it might be a bit confusing for you to choose the best from the best (that wasn’t just a superlative!). So, here I am with my second holiday gift guide. This time, let’s stick to the modern gentlemen and see what we have in store for them!

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Darth Vader Inspired Watch


It’s your chance to explore a new force in the world of watches with this Darth Vader Inspired Watch. With 350 individual parts, 4 time belts, 4 microstep motors and 313 electrical contacts, this makes a power-packed timepiece for your wrists.

Price: $28,500

Beats Pill+


Unique audio features and a portable design makes the new Beats Pill+ a perfect accessory for your on the go music needs.

Price: $229

Black Leather iPhone 6/6s Wallet Sleeve


Keep your iPhone 6 looking new with the stylish Black Leather Wallet Sleeve by Mujjo. Coming from the Low Key collection, this phone sleeve is a perfect mix of edgy and functional.

Price: $40

The Original Swagway


With the Original Swagway, you can now enjoy a completely new form of personal transportation. This eco-friendly design is ideal for cruising the town and is a perfect urban commute for modern office or school goers.

Price: $399

Hydrofoil Drone by Parrot


Take your drone flying skills all the way to the waters with the Hydrofoil Drone by Parrot. It is a cool network type robot which can be easily controlled by Bluetooth SMART with the help of a smartphone or tablet.

Price: $300

Cherry for Macbook 12″


If you like giving your MacBook a customized appearance, Cherry for Macbook 12″ can work as a good option for you. These covers are handmade out of cherry wood and are complete Made in USA products.

Price: $79

Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser


Early morning shave on a cold winter day sounds like a trauma but not anymore if you have the Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser.

Price: $40

Pebble Time Round


The first smartwatch makers are back once again with the thinnest and classiest version of their e-paper smartwatch series – Pebble Time Round.

Price: $250

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